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Are you looking to expand your hunting quests internationally? Africa is the most popular international destination offering great value and an incredible number of species and has something for everyone, whether it’s plains or dangerous game. Then there is the South Pacific which includes New Zealand and Australia. Monster red stag, tahr, chamois, water buffalo, banteng, and many other choices abound for the trip of a lifetime. How about Europe? There are dozens of species to chase in several countries, often with 5-star accommodations in addition to touring and sightseeing. South American hunts, primarily in Argentina, are incredible experiences for red stag and a host of other species. And then there is the iconic mountain game of Asia – from Marco Polo argali to all the ibex and tur – a mountain hunt here will be a trip to remember. We invite you to explore our extensive hunt offerings and look forward to helping you find the hunt of your dreams!