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Bison Hunts and Outfitters

Are you looking for that bison hunt of a lifetime? At Infinity Hunts, we specialize in helping you find the type of hunt and experience you want. Through our extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach, we work with the best bison guides and outfitters in North America’s top areas. Throughout your entire adventure, we will be there for you – from choosing the perfect hunt with the right outfitter to personal support before, during, and after the hunt. So let us put our experience and proven outfitters to work for you on your bison hunting adventures!

Trophy Class Bison Hunts

We love finding those incredible locations throughout North America for giant trophy bull bison and putting our hunters in those camps! We specialize in hunting areas and properties that produce large 9 to 15-year-old bulls. Whether a free-range wild bison hunt or an authentic private ranch hunt, we have great hunts for big bulls. With our extensive research and outfitter connections, we can help you find that trophy bison you have always wanted.

Types of Bison Hunts

There are two types of bison found in North America – the plains bison and the wood bison. Historically, plains bison were widespread and found from the Appalachians through the Rockies and some Canadian provinces. Today, numerous herds of plains bison remain in several states and Canadian provinces. Historically, wood bison lived farther west and north of the plains bison. Today, the only pureblood strains of wood bison are in far northern Canada. There are also reintroduction efforts underway in Alaska for wood bison. Wood bison are more massive than plains bison and tend to live in more wooded and mountainous habitats.

uppose you are looking for a bison eligible for entry into the Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young record books. In that case, only 13 areas in North America still hold wild herds of bison, and you will need to draw a premium tag for the US hunts while the hunts in Canada come with outfitter tags.  States like Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona all have wild bison herds. In Canada, the Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta have wild herds, and hunts come with outfitter tags. These hunts can vary from more accessible to highly physical, and you will earn your bison. We can go over all the details if you are interested in pursuing a hunt like this.

All the remaining bison hunting in North America is considered a private herd hunt. Safari Club International and Grand Slam Club Ovis recognize bison harvested from private herds as long as the hunts take place on properties with no high fences. These hunts generally don’t require a tag to be drawn, are popular in many areas of the US, and are generally the most affordable bison hunts. Trophy bulls, younger bulls, and cows are all available to hunt. Logistics for meat transport home are pretty straightforward on these hunts too. These hunts can take place from the fall to winter. Generally, coats on bulls are best from December through February. Coat quality is less critical if you are hunting for meat only. Archery equipment, muzzleloaders, or rifles work great on these hunts. Most outfitters will use trucks and side by sides to traverse likely areas, but you can also do traditional horseback hunts. Properties will be expansive, usually 5,000 to over 100,000 acres, to make this a great authentic experience.

Bison are enormous animals; big bulls can tip the scales at 1600 to over 2500 pounds. We can help recommend good rifle, muzzleloader, and archery set-ups that will work well. They are an iconic animal of the west, and it’s a fantastic feeling when you walk up to a bison that you have been fortunate enough to harvest.


Places we offer Quality Bison Hunts 

We offer bison hunts in South Dakota, Alaska, British Columbia, and Alberta. We also arrange ranch hunts in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.  We can recommend a trusted outfitter if you have drawn a premium tag in the US. Our locations and outfitters are carefully selected based on the quality and quantity of animals and the outfitters’ track record of putting our hunters on trophy bison. We are passionate bison hunters here at Infinity Hunts and understand what it takes to get a trophy bison on the ground.

South Dakota Bison Hunts and Outfitters

South Dakota arguably has the best-developed bison industry in North America. We work with several outfitters on private ranch bison hunts. These hunts are for bison considered private herds, and a tag is not required. These properties range from 5,000 to over 100,000 acres and are not high-fence properties. They are working cattle and ranching properties with resident bison, and you will have to work for your bison. Hunts for trophy bulls, smaller bulls, and cows are available. The meat is incredible, and the hunting is generally not too physical. We can accommodate most requests here, whether archery, muzzleloader, rifle, or if you even want to experience the old days and ride a horse with your sharps rifle wearing buckskins. We can accommodate larger groups, and adding pheasant or other upland game or predators on these hunts is often possible. 

Alaskan Bison Outfitters and Hunts

If you are in Alaska for another hunt, or just visiting for vacation, we work with a rancher not too far from Anchorage who raises bison.  This is a surprisingly difficult hunt as these bison are wary.  While not a true free-range hunt, this is a fun way to extend your Alaska vacation and bring home some excellent meat.

British Columbia Bison Hunts and Outfitters

We offer a plains bison hunt from the Pink Mountain herd. These are wild, free-range hunts in very remote mountains. These hunts take place from November to January, and you will use snowmobiles to find tracks. Final stalking will be on foot, and you will stay in heated log cabins. Our hunters can often take wolves off the bison carcass.  

Alberta Bison Outfitters and Hunts

If you are looking for a true free-range bison hunt and can’t draw a tag in the lower 48, this is the hunt for you!  We offer a wood bison hunt in northern Alberta. Fair-weather hunts occur in October and May, while winter hunts occur in December through April. These hunts usually are 65% harvest – you will cover 50 plus miles a day on quads and snowmobiles on these hunts to locate the bison, which can range over miles and miles of valleys. You can hunt wolves simultaneously with reasonable success. These are wood bison but are not pure strain, so they are importable to the US. These are challenging remote hunts chasing wild, free-range bison, with some exceptional trophies harvested each year. 

United States Bison Hunts and Outfitters

Did you draw a coveted tag in Alaska, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, or Arizona? Lucky you!!!! We can help recommend outfitters with proven track records in getting hunters on trophy bison.

We are constantly in the field seeking additional great outfitters and world-class trophy bison hunts. So if you are looking for an excellent bison hunt and outfitter, please contact us so we can start putting together the perfect bison hunt for you.

Want to learn more about a hunt or just have some questions? Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you! 

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