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Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Are you looking for that mule deer hunt of a lifetime? At Infinity Hunts, we specialize in helping you find the type of hunt and experience you want. Through our extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach, we work with the best mule deer guides and outfitters in North America’s top areas. Throughout your entire adventure, we will be there for you – from choosing the perfect hunt with the right outfitter to personal support before, during, and after the hunt. So let us put our experience and proven outfitters to work for you on your mule deer hunting adventures!


Trophy Class Mule Deer Hunts

While we offer many types of mule deer hunts, we love finding those incredible locations throughout North America for world-class trophy mule deer and putting our hunters in those camps! Many areas consistently produce 150-170 class deer, while others are 170-190+ inch type hunts with the chance to take 200+ inch Boone and Crockett free range deer. So whether you have drawn a coveted limited entry tag in the best western units, want advice on how to use your points, need guaranteed tags, easy-to-draw, or over-the-counter tags, we can help you. Hunting big mule deer is a passion we have here at Infinity Hunts. We have researched the best areas with great genetics and age structure, food sources, and current population trends and have the outfitter connections to help you find that giant mule deer you have always wanted.


Types of Mule Deer Hunts

When you dream about hunting mule deer, what do you picture? Is it a high country pack-in wall tent hunt in the mountains with fresh snow? Maybe you are chasing deer in rolling prairie grasslands, stalking around a small coulee. Or you are sitting in wait around a cut alfalfa field, catching bucks coming and going from bedding and feeding areas. How about a high desert spot and stalk hunt with quite a bit of glassing? Or even a hunt in the famed Sonoran desert for wide 30-inch type deer. No matter the method or area, we probably have a mule deer hunt for you.

Mule deer are the species many hunters dream about when they think about western big game hunting and, along with elk, are the most popular western big game species our hunters want to hunt each fall. Unfortunately, many hunters think tags are hard to get and don’t know the right areas. But, contrary to what you may hear, there are still excellent mule deer hunts for large trophies to be found, often with easy-to-get tags. We know the areas and how to help you plan your dream mule deer hunt.  

Hunting methods include access to hunting areas on foot, horseback, ATV, side-by-sides, trucks, and many more. Depending on the location, you can use tree stands, ground blinds, high rack, and spot and stalk methods. While some hunts are in the remote back-country, others occur on large private working ranches. And we offer hunts with all weapons – from traditional archery equipment to compound bows, crossbows, muzzleloaders, and rifles.  

We commonly get asked how physical the hunts are, and while some will take place above 10,000 feet and be physical, most are at lower elevation and are less physical – we can hunt anyone for mule deer as long as we know your abilities. So whether you are looking for an excellent hunt for representative trophy mule deer or a place to harvest a true 200-plus-inch giant, we have the right connections to help you have your dream mule deer hunt. 


Places we offer Quality Mule Deer Hunts 

We offer mule deer hunts in just about every Western state, some Canadian Provinces, and Mexico south of the border. If you can hunt them there, we probably have a top-notch outfitter or two that we recommend. We offer hunts in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. In Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. And we also hunt Mexico, known for some monster deer. Our locations and outfitters are carefully selected based on the quality and quantity of animals, types of terrain, food sources, genetics, and management practices. We are passionate mule deer hunters here at Infinity Hunts and understand what it takes to get a big buck on the ground.


Colorado Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Colorado is a must-apply state for points or a deer tag every year and leads all states in record book entries for rocky mountain mule deer. Almost every unit in Colorado can produce a Boone and Crockett trophy class deer. You must draw your tag in Colorado for mule deer or purchase a landowner voucher. We can help you acquire your tag. And while some top units take years to draw a license, we have many units where you can draw your tag with 0-2 points, and these units produce 190-200+ inch deer annually! Season dates can vary based on the unit chosen, but archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts are all available.  

We hunt in almost every corner of the state, so we can help you pick the perfect Colorado mule deer hunt. From pack-in high country archery hunts in September above 10,000 feet to a November rut hunt in the aspens. September spot and stalk muzzleloader hunts on a private ranch with sagebrush and alfalfa fields, to late season spot and stalk hunts on the Eastern Plains. We know Colorado. It is sometimes possible to hunt elk simultaneously on these hunts.  


New Mexico Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

New Mexico has trophy mule deer, and we have extensive offerings there. All tags in New Mexico for mule deer go through a random draw every year, with the deadline usually mid-March. In New Mexico, up to 16% of the tags are available to non-residents. Of that 16%, the state allocates 6% to non-residents who apply independently and 10% to hunters who apply using an outfitters code. So applying for a tag through an outfitter almost doubles your chances of drawing. We hunt many units throughout the state. Some units with nearly 100% draw odds produce 130-160 inch class deer. Other units with lower draw odds are producing 150-inch class and up deer, and every year the top units produce Boone and Crockett caliber deer. We also have several hunts available with landowner vouchers that bypass the draw, so getting a tag in New Mexico every year is easily possible.  

Archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts are available. Hunts typically utilize a mix of hiking, side by sides, trucks, and even horseback and can be on public land or private ranches. Accommodations can vary from wall tents to excellent lodges. And seasons will run from September to January in some units. Sometimes these hunts can be combined with elk or aoudad sheep.  


Texas Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Texas is a hunters’ paradise, and we work with several outfitters for trophy desert mule deer. These are all free-range fair chase hunts on large properties in West Texas. Some properties follow the regular state deer season dates, and others are in the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP), which allows extended season dates. These hunts have guaranteed tags. Trophy mule deer quality is ranch specific, but most produce at least 150-170 inch class deer, and several produce 160-200 inch bucks each year. All ranches are managed for trophy class animals and have a limited number of hunts each year.  

These hunts have high success rates, and combining them with other species such as aoudad sheep, hogs, exotics, etc., is often possible. Hunting methods include some access by truck and side by side, some on foot, and the terrain can vary from rolling flat ground to more mountainous. Hunts with all weapons from archery to crossbow to muzzleloader and rifle are available.  


Sonora Mexico Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Sonora Mexico arguably produces some of the best mule deer trophies in North America, and we probably take more 200-plus inch deer here than anywhere else. If you are a serious trophy mule deer hunter, you have probably hunted Sonora; if you haven’t, you should. We often host groups of our clients in Sonora each year. We hunt several large, well-managed ranches in Sonora. Our outfitters have exclusive access to these properties and strictly manage them for age structure and trophy class animals. These hunts target 170-plus inch deer, with most in the 180-195 inch class with several every year over 200 inches.  

The primary hunting methods are spot and stalk and covering miles of the country each day on high racks. Lodging varies based on the ranch but will always have power and hot water with 5-star options available. Food is always excellent – generally authentic Mexican fare. Mule deer hunts are conducted mainly in December and January. We also can hunt coues deer during these hunts and have some desert sheep available.  


Nebraska Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

The Sandhills are where we target mule deer in Nebraska. We conduct archery/crossbow hunts in September through November, rifle hunts in the middle of November, and muzzleloader hunts in December over cut crop fields. We will utilize all methods to hunt these deer, from tree stands and ground blinds to spot and stalk tactics. Access is generally with trucks and side by sides, and the terrain is rolling country. Tags are both drawn (usually 1 point) and over the counter, and we can help you with the process of obtaining a tag. Mule deer typically score 140-170 inches, with 180 plus inch deer taken most years. You can combo your hunt with whitetail, which will average around 140 inches, with some top-end deer in the 160s and 170s. Lodging is very nice, and the food is home cooked. Our outfitter exclusively hunts private well-managed leases.


Oregon Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Oregon may be off your radar if you are a serious mule deer hunter, but it shouldn’t be. In the state’s Northeast, we have access to several large private ranches with great deer. Super strict limits on the numbers of deer harvested help put our clients in front of 170-190 inch deer and sometimes even 200+ inch deer. These hunts are not physical and require quite a bit of glassing, and take place in rolling sage hills and agricultural areas. And tags are guaranteed landowner tags, so no worries about getting a license. We also offer guaranteed guide/outfitter and other landowner tags in various units throughout the state with outfitters who have consistently delivered successful hunts.  


Oklahoma Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

The panhandle of Oklahoma produces some trophy mule deer. Deer here will typically be heavy racked 160-170+ inch class deer, and we take larger deer each year. Tags are over the counter. Muzzleloader hunts occur in late October, and rifle hunts occur in late November and early December. We access thousands of acres of prime private ranches managed strictly for trophy mule deer. You will also likely see some excellent whitetail on these spot and stalk hunts – 140-160 inch class deer are pretty standard. Our outfitter has Oklahoma dialed in.


Montana Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Our Montana mule deer hunts take place on private leases in the state’s eastern half. General deer licenses are guaranteed every year if you apply through an outfitter, making hunting Montana every year possible. Deer here usually score 140-160 inches, but some trophy ranches produce deer in the 160-200 inch class. Archery hunts occur in September and October, and rifle hunts in October and November. We use tree stands and ground blinds during archery with the occasional spot and stalk methods. In the rifle season, we primarily use spot and stalk methods. Our outfitters have many well-managed private ranches to hunt with various habitats and have a long-standing track record of producing high shot opportunities for hunters.   


Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Wyoming has some great deer and is a must-apply state yearly for points. If you have Wyoming points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy mule deer hunt in Wyoming. We also offer some exciting mule deer and antelope combo hunts you can generally draw the first year you apply. There are good numbers of animals in Wyoming, and the hunts usually are not too physical. Crossbows are legal in Wyoming; we hunt archery/crossbow and rifle seasons.  


Utah Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts 

We work with several outfitters in Utah and hunt a selective mix of public and private land. Hunts can vary from budget-friendly hunts for average mule deer with easy-to-draw tags or guaranteed CWMU tags (landowner tags) to top-end trophy hunts regularly producing 160-180 inch deer with 180- 200+ inch deer available. We have access to CWMU tags on some great ranches and can also help you with a draw strategy or recommend an outfitter if you have drawn a premium tag. Hunting terrain can vary from more accessible to more strenuous, and accommodations range from wall tents to hotels to nice lodges, so we have something for everyone in Utah. Our outfitters have been in business for years and have a proven track record of putting hunters on giant trophy mule deer.


Kansas Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Kansas produces some monster deer, and we like to hunt the southwest corner close to the Oklahoma and Colorado borders. Non-residents can only draw an archery/crossbow or muzzleloader tag. You must buy a license to apply and first draw a whitetail tag to enter the mule deer draw. If you don’t draw mule deer, you can still hunt whitetails, which are consistently 150-170 inch class, and we have taken several much larger ones. These mule deer hunts are spot and stalk hunts conducted in fairly open country. Archery hunts occur in September, mid-November, and late December, while the muzzleloader hunts occur in September and again during the firearm season in December. These hunts produce some trophy mule deer, and all serious hunters should apply until you draw your mule deer tag – which you can usually do in less than five years and sometimes the first year. We have thousands of acres of private ranches to hunt and typically harvest 170-190 inch class and sometimes giant 200-inch deer on these hunts. Indeed, our limit on how many great deer we can harvest yearly is not the acreage or the number of deer but how many hunters can draw tags, so contact us, and we will help you apply.   


Arizona Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Arizona is known for producing huge deer – top units produce monster 200-plus-inch deer every year. We work with a handful of the top outfitters in the state who are highly familiar with and hunt most areas of the state. So if you have Arizona points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy mule deer hunt in Arizona. However, archery hunters also have some over-the-counter options if you don’t have points. For example, we like to target deer in August and September when they are in bachelor groups. And again in December and especially January when they are in the rut. These spot and stalk hunts are affordable and action-packed – targeting 130-170 inch bucks, and you will generally be chasing shooter deer every day.  


Nevada Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Nevada produces some huge deer, with top units producing 200+ inch deer yearly. We work with one of the top outfitters in the state, who is highly familiar with and hunts most areas of the state. So if you have Nevada points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy mule deer hunt in Nevada.


Idaho Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Northern Idaho has some rugged country that can produce some exceptional deer. We offer both front-country and back-country trophy mule deer hunts. Back-country hunts are generally horseback with wall tents, while the front-country hunts can be done with ATVs, 4×4, and hiking and have lodge accommodations. Outfitter guaranteed tags are available. Bucks will generally be in the 150-170 class, but this area can produce 180-220 inch deer. Sometimes you can combo your deer hunt with elk as well. 


Washington Mule Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Washington has an early September archery season. The bucks are in bachelor groups, and we usually target them over food sources from ground blinds or tree stands. Muzzleloader season falls in late September and early October, and we hunt them the same way as during the early archery season. Rifle seasons vary but start mid-October and can run through most of November. Late archery, during the rut in late November, can be fantastic. Most deer in Washington will be 130-160 inch class with a chance for 170 plus inch deer. Tags are generally over the counter with a few, like the late rifle in November, a draw. Our outfitters have excellent private properties that produce year in and year out.  


Canada Mule Deer Outfitters and Hunts

Canada can produce some fantastic mule deer. Southern British Columbia offers some good hunting, and you can take mule deer on stand-alone hunts or combo hunts with other species like elk and moose. The fertile farmlands of Alberta are ideal for archery and firearm hunts and can produce some great deer. And Saskatchewan native lands produce some giants as well. 

We are constantly in the field seeking additional great outfitters and world-class trophy mule deer hunts. So if you are looking for an excellent mule deer hunt and outfitter, please contact us so we can start putting together the perfect mule deer hunt for you.

Want to learn more about a hunt or just have some questions? Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you! 

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