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Whitetail Deer Hunts and Outfitters

Are you looking for that whitetail deer hunt of a lifetime? At Infinity Hunts, we specialize in helping you find the type of hunt and experience you want. Through our extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach, we work with the best whitetail deer guides and outfitters in North America’s top areas. Throughout your entire adventure, we will be there for you – from choosing the perfect hunt with the right outfitter to personal support before, during, and after the hunt. So let us put our experience and proven outfitters to work for you on your whitetail deer hunting adventures!

Trophy Class Whitetail Hunts

While we offer many whitetail hunts, we love finding those incredible locations throughout North America for world-class trophy whitetail and putting our hunters in those camps! Many areas consistently produce 130-150 class deer, while others are 150+ inch type hunts with the chance to take 170-200+ inch Boone and Crockett free range deer. Proper herd and land management, plentiful food sources with rich soil, and the right genetics and age structure produce big deer. Our extensive research and outfitter connections can help you find that trophy whitetail deer you have always wanted.

Types of Deer Hunts

What do you dream about when you picture yourself hunting whitetail deer? Is it chasing an early season buck in velvet with your bow? How about a crisp fall morning when you can see a buck cruising down a ridge, sunlight shining on him with his breath pouring out of his nostrils? Maybe some western-style spot and stalk hunting on foot with bow, rifle, or muzzleloader? Or late-season archery, crossbow, or muzzleloader hunting over food sources? What about rattling in rut-crazed bucks in heavy cover? Whether you are looking for an affordable high-success trip for nice bucks or a hunt where you can harvest a 170-plus inch Boone and Crockett trophy buck, we offer all these experiences and more.

Whitetail deer are North America’s most popular big game species, numbering over 30 million animals and huntable in most US states and Canadian provinces. For many, the whitetail deer was their first big game harvest, often alongside family and friends. And while most of us still pursue whitetail deer on our own, either locally or out of state, sometimes it is nice to hunt new locations and have a different experience. Whatever your goals, we will be happy to recommend the proper whitetail deer hunt for you.

Places we offer Quality Whitetail Hunts 

We offer deer hunts in MANY places such as Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Saskatchewan, and are always seeking out additional areas and outfitters. Our locations and outfitters are carefully selected based on the quality and quantity of bucks, types of terrain, food sources, genetics, and management practices. We are passionate whitetail hunters here at Infinity Hunts and understand what it takes to get a big buck on the ground.

Kentucky Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Kentucky can produce some great deer, often 130-150 inch class, and we take 170+ inch deer most years. Our outfitters manage their properties very well, and with good food sources, fertile soil, and great genetics, we harvest some monster deer yearly. Baiting is allowed in Kentucky. Kentucky has an early September archery-only velvet hunt which is unique. Crossbow season comes in mid-September, and we archery hunt until mid-November when rifle season comes in. There is also a December muzzleloader season. The primary method of hunting is stands and ground blinds over bait. Tags are over the counter.  


Ohio Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts

Ohio can produce some great deer, often 130-150 inch class, and we take 170+ inch deer most years. Ohio is known for big deer, and the areas we hunt and outfitters we work with routinely produce great deer, sometimes exceeding 190+ inches. Baiting is allowed in Ohio. Archery/crossbow season opens in late September, and we take some great deer the first week. Then we archery hunt until late November when firearm season comes in – shotgun, straight-walled rifles, or muzzleloaders are allowed during the firearms season. There is also a January muzzleloader season. The primary method of hunting is stands and ground blinds over bait. Tags are over the counter.

Texas Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Texas is a hunters’ paradise. Whether you want to chase bucks in the Hill Country or South Texas, we work with outfitters who can do that. From a freezer filler doe and hog hunt to hunts for 150+ inch deer, we have something for everyone in Texas. We can offer hunts from ground blinds and shooting houses to spot and stalk on-foot hunting, even horseback. It is often possible to add other species to a Texas hunt and handle larger groups on some ranches. Tags are over the counter. Some properties are in special management programs, allowing us to hunt for a longer duration and capitalize best on the rut, which occurs much later in Texas than in other states. We work with several outfitters in Texas – as you can imagine, each is a bit different and offers a unique experience – but all have well-managed properties with very high deer numbers and success rates.  

Illinois Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts

Illinois is a deer hunters’ paradise and known as a top-notch archery/crossbow destination. A long archery season runs through the middle of November in prime rut time. Then two short firearm seasons in November and early December continue to produce good bucks. No baiting is allowed in this state, so we tend to hunt natural funnels close to food sources. Lots of 130-150 inch class deer, and our outfitters take several monster 170+ inch deer each season. Tags are easy to get, but you must apply for them. Our select Illinois outfitters have long-standing track records of producing great deer, occasionally pushing 190+ inches.

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Saskatchewan in central Canada is a place everyone should hunt at some point in their life. These old “bush bucks” can tip the scales at over 300 pounds and often carry dark chocolate antlers measuring over 150 inches. We offer archery, crossbow, and rifle hunts in Saskatchewan. Hunts usually take place from October to December using a combination of treestands and heated ground blinds, often over bait. It’s an effective way to find these big old bush bucks and have a chance for the deer of a lifetime. Our Saskatchewan outfitters generally run smaller camps and focus on 150+ inch deer for our clients, taking 170 + inch deer most years.

Kansas Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts

Kansas produces some incredible deer each year, and we take many B&C deer each year in this state, some over 200 inches. There are early archery/crossbow/muzzleloader seasons in September when big bucks are patternable. Archery season continues through all of November. Then we transition to the rifle season in December. Some areas of the state we hunt are tree stand/ground blind/shooting houses type of hunts, with feeding allowed. In other areas, like southwestern Kansas, we use both stands and spot and stalk. Tags are a draw with an excellent chance to draw your first year, and we will help you with your application. We work with a few select outfitters in Kansas who have long-standing track records of producing high shot opportunities on 150+ class deer, usually taking 190+ and even 200+ inch deer each year. So if you are serious about big bucks, you need to get serious about hunting Kansas.  

Oklahoma Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Oklahoma is a sleeper state but starting to get more notice. Feeding is allowed in Oklahoma, and the deer numbers on our hunts in western Oklahoma, close to the Kansas, Texas, and Colorado borders, are very high. There are many 130-150 inch class deer, and we often shoot deer in the 160-180 inch class each year. Firearm season runs mid-Nov to early Dec most years. We can also do late archery in January and muzzleloader in late October. Using mostly ground blind, shooting house, and tree stands, these are some of the highest success hunts, with rifle season success rates often exceeding 90% for great deer. Our Oklahoma outfitters manage tens of thousands of acres and limit hunter numbers to produce great deer year in and year out. Great genetics, age class, and feeding programs help these deer reach their full potential.

Nebraska Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts 

Nebraska typically produces great deer in the 130-150 inch class, with 160+ inch deer possible. We hunt many miles of river bottom habitat with high numbers of deer. Archery hunts start in September and run through mid-November when the rifle season kicks in. There is also a December muzzleloader season when we hunt deer over food sources. Our outfitters use a mix of tree stands, ground blinds, and shooting houses to put you in the right area. Tags are over the counter. We like to hunt river bottom habitats in Nebraska as rich food sources, good cover, and proper management provide good numbers of trophy bucks to pursue.

Indiana Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Indiana doesn’t get the fame of its neighbors, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky, but it produces excellent deer, many 130-150 inch class, and we take some 170+ inch bucks there yearly. We typically start archery and crossbow hunts in October and end in January. Rifle season is in the middle of November during prime time, and there is a December muzzleloader season. No baiting is allowed in Indiana, so we target pinch points, funnels, and feed sources. We like to hunt in Southeast Indiana, close to Ohio and Kentucky, where genetics, rich soil, and good cover provide the ideal conditions for trophy-class deer.

Wyoming Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts

Wyoming is known for its mule deer and elk but has some incredible whitetail hunting. In Wyoming, it is not uncommon to see 50+ deer a day and several shooter bucks, especially in archery season. P&Y caliber deer are prevalent on these hunts, and you will enjoy seeing more animals in one day than you will in a season back east. We conduct archery hunts in September. The first week of September, the bucks are often in velvet. Rifle season runs October through November and offers high success rates on 130-150 inch class deer, with 160+ inch Boone and Crockett trophy-class deer harvested each year. Tags are a draw, but generally, you can draw with 1 point, so this is an easy hunt to plan. You can combo these hunts with antelope if desired as well. Our areas and outfitters for whitetail in Wyoming have well-managed properties with high numbers of trophy-class deer.

Colorado Whitetail Hunts and Outfitters

Colorado is off most whitetail hunters’ radar, but the corner of the state near Oklahoma and Kansas produces some whopper deer each year. We target 150-170 inch class deer on this mostly spot and stalk hunt, making it a unique hunt. Rifle hunts are in early November and early December, and archery/crossbow hunts are in mid-November and late December. Tags are a draw but you can often draw with 0 points. If you are a serious trophy hunter looking for giant deer, you should strongly consider Colorado! Our primary outfitter in the Eastern Plains manages over a quarter million acres to produce some monster deer for our clients. We expect you will see deer over 170 inches on these hunts.

Montana Whitetail Outfitters and Hunts

Montana whitetail can be prolific in the eastern half of the state where we hunt them. General license tags are guaranteed when you book a trip through one of our outfitters. We conduct archery/crossbow and rifle hunts on private leases, targeting big deer – depending on the property, 130-170 inch class deer. Our outfitters have excellent properties that produce year in and year out. 

Other Areas we offer Quality Whitetail Hunts

We have some exciting whitetail hunts you may not have considered. For example, did you know Northeastern Oregon has some whitetails? We have access to some private ranches with great deer. Or New Mexico – often thought of for elk, mule deer, and coues deer hunts – we work with an outfitter who also has whitetail deer in his area. How about a remote horseback pack-in whitetail hunt in the mountains of Idaho? Or a private land hunt in northern Washington near the Canadian border? How about some southern hospitality hunts conducted on well-managed farms along the Mississippi River in Louisiana or Mississippi? Have you thought of hunting whitetail over hounds in Florida while your family is at the beach? These are just a few other options.

We are constantly in the field seeking additional great outfitters and world-class trophy whitetail deer hunts. So if you are looking for an excellent whitetail deer hunt and outfitter, please contact us so we can start putting together the perfect whitetail deer hunt for you. 

Want to learn more about a hunt or just have some questions? Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you! 

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