Infinity Hunts Testimonials

Most years I usually do all of my own research and book my hunts on my own. However, there are some trips that include multiple states and multiple species that can be difficult to schedule, especially when the species aren’t very common vs the more popular species from the west. I called Mike Schubach and asked him to put my trip together and he did a great job putting everything together. Went 3 for 3 in 2 different states over 21 days.
Robert O.
Hunter from New Jersey
Mike is the best at finding the hunt you are looking for and, most importantly, in the price range you want to work in. He has set me up on several quality hunts where the cost was below the norm. Don't be afraid to contact him. He is a great guy to talk to and work with. I have relied on him as a great resource several times and will continue to do so.
Mark H.
Hunter from Indiana
I was first introduced to Mike Schubach about two years ago as I had sought out a hunting consultant who would be a straight shooter. I found that to be true with Mike. I enjoy hunting whitetail deer, and he has provided me with nothing but first-class whitetail hunts. He is there whenever I call upon him and always promptly answers my correspondence. In closing, I will be hunting for many more years, and Mike will be the hunting consultant I will use for all my hunts.
Charlie P.
Hunter from Pennsylvania
I have found Mike Schubach as kind, accurate, honest and experienced. These qualities make for an excellent booking agent and excellent client! While traversing steep dangerous terrain on a mountain goat hunt, I could depend on a smile from Mike whenever I dared glance away from our climb. He has the kind of character that can lean into the bridle when the elements are tough, and he still tastes the adventure of it all! You can’t control a lot on a hunt, but you can choose who you plan it with. Mike of Infinity Hunts will give you his honest best!
Eli L.
Outfitter in Alaska
Really like working with Mike. Always in communication with us which is big in our line of work.
Amber A.
Outfitter in Colorado
Mike is a dream-maker. Give him a call for any of your hunting dreams, and he will not disappoint. He has helped me chase my dream of hunting the “North American Five” deer species. I have also shared a hunting camp with him. You won’t find a more knowledgeable or honest person in the hunting industry.
Lance H.
hunter from Virginia
Mike is one of the hardest-working hunting agents I know. He takes the time to get to know his clients and ensure you are matched with a hunt that will ensure your enjoyment and success! I appreciate his thoroughness and commitment but, most of all, his friendship. I highly recommend his services.
Richard Y.
hunter from Pennsylvania