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Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Are you looking for that Rocky Mountain elk hunt of a lifetime? At Infinity Hunts, we specialize in helping you find the type of hunt and experience you want. Through our extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach, we work with the best Rocky Mountain elk guides and outfitters in North America’s top areas. Throughout your entire adventure, we will be there for you – from choosing the perfect hunt with the right outfitter to personal support before, during, and after the hunt. So let us put our experience and proven outfitters to work for you on your Rocky Mountain hunting adventures!


Trophy Class Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts

While we offer many types of Rocky Mountain elk hunts, we love finding those incredible locations throughout North America for world-class trophy Rocky Mountain elk and putting our hunters in those camps! Many of our hunts consistently produce 300-350 inch class 6×6 bulls, while others are 350+ class type hunts with the chance to take 400+ inch Boone and Crockett elk. Our extensive research and outfitter connections can help you find that trophy Rocky Mountain elk you have always wanted.


Types of Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts

The Rocky Mountain elk has the widest distribution of elk in North America, and a hunt for them is on almost every hunter’s bucket list. How about being up on a high mountain ridge at daybreak with your bow and a call in hand, hearing three bulls bugling below you as the sun rises? Or maybe you sneak through the dark timber mid-day and catch a glimpse of an antler tip. Then, in another dream, you see 100 elk coming into a mountain clearing, the big bull herding his cows away from the satellite bulls. Whatever the scenario, wrapping your hands around that big 6×6 bull will be a memory you will not soon forget!  


We often get asked a few questions when talking to hunters who we are helping to plan an elk hunt.

How do I get a tag? We will help you with this. Most of the hunts we offer come with four types of tags – over-the-counter, tags you can draw every year, tags that take 1-3 years of planning, and guaranteed landowner tags. You will have no worries about all this – we will advise you on your hunt’s tag/licensing process and help you make your plans and acquire your tag.

How physical are the hunts? A misconception is that you must be in tip-top physical shape to hunt elk. While that is true on specific hunts, we offer high-quality elk hunts at lower elevations that anyone can do. Talk to us honestly about your physical abilities, and we can recommend the proper hunt.

What weapon should I use? That depends on many factors and is your preference. Archery hunts tend to be during the peak of the bugle in most locations and are super fun. Shot opportunity rates are generally pretty high, but harvest rates will be lower than firearm hunts. Archery hunts are as popular as rifle hunts and tend to fill quickly. A few states even have crossbow seasons. Muzzleloader hunts can take place anywhere from September to December. Equipment regulations can vary, and muzzleloaders make fun and challenging experiences. And rifle hunts allow you to reach out a bit more and generally have the highest success rates.

Trophy considerations. We like to get an idea of what your trophy expectations are. Some hunters want to harvest a cow elk, spike bull, or branch antlered elk. Others would be thrilled with a 5×5 trophy bull, while others are looking for a 6×6 or larger bull. While we can’t promise you an elk of any size, we will advise you on areas and the budget needed to have the best chance to accomplish your goals.

With all this said, we can offer almost any type, and style of elk hunt you want with all weapons. From special early summer velvet hunts to late season winter hunts, you can hunt elk for over seven months of the year. Cow elk, spike bull, branch antlered bulls to Boone and Crockett trophy-class animals – whatever your budget, we can work with you. Horseback, truck, ATV, side by side or on foot, with accommodations from remote spike camp, wall tents, and cabins to lodges. Whether you are a party of 1 or a large group, we can get you on the elk hunt of your dreams.


Places we offer Quality Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts 

We offer Rocky Mountain elk hunts in Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and British Columbia and are always seeking out additional areas and outfitters. Our locations and outfitters are carefully selected based on the quality and quantity of animals and the outfitters’ track record of putting our hunters on good elk. We are passionate elk hunters here at Infinity Hunts and understand what it takes to get a big elk on the ground.


Colorado Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Colorado is a must-hunt state for elk, with the biggest elk herd of any Western state and easy-to-come-by tags. Many tags are over the counter, and you can draw great tags with 0-2 points. Some premium units take more points to draw, and we also have access to landowner vouchers so you can be on a good elk hunt every year in Colorado. Archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunts are available on public and private land. We hunt MANY areas of Colorado – too many to list here. We offer predominantly fully guided hunts and a few DIY drop camp hunts. The average Colorado bull on many hunts is a 5×5 bull, but we harvest some nice 6×6 bulls on these hunts, and some properties produce exceptional 330 to 350+ type elk. Hunts can range from super physical national forest high country hunts to much lower elevation private ranch hunts that anyone can do. It is also sometimes possible to hunt deer simultaneously on these hunts. Our outfitters are proven and have excellent track records of finding trophy elk for our hunters. 


New Mexico Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters and Hunts

New Mexico must be on your radar if you are looking for a big 6×6. We work with several outfitters here. All tags in New Mexico for elk go through a random draw every year, with the deadline usually mid-March. In New Mexico, up to 16% of the tags are available to non-residents. Of that 16%, the state allocates 6% to non-residents who apply independently and 10% to hunters who apply using an outfitters code. So applying for a tag through an outfitter almost doubles your chances of drawing. We will help you with this. We also have access to landowner vouchers in case you don’t draw a tag so you can hunt New Mexico every year, and with the excellent elk hunting it provides, many of our hunters do.  

We hunt several of the best areas of the state. For example, North-Central New Mexico, close to the Colorado border, produces 280-320 class bulls with the chance for 340 plus type bulls. The Lincoln National Forest in the southeast of the state has a very high density of elk and primarily produces 300-350 inch bulls with some monsters. And the famed Gila Wilderness in the Southwest part of the state has many 300-350 inch bulls and more over 380 than most other parts of the state.  

Archery hunts are in September during the rut. Muzzleloader hunts vary but usually occur from October to December, and long-range muzzleloaders with scopes are allowed. And rifle hunt dates are generally October through December.

Hunts typically utilize a mix of hiking, side by sides, trucks, and even horseback and can be on public land (often as good or better than private ranches due to limited tags) or private ranches. Accommodations can vary from wall tents to nice lodges. The terrain here is generally gentler than some other western states – common elevations are 7,000 to 8,000 feet with rolling mountains and pinion pines. And the weather is usually drier than in many other western states too. Sometimes these hunts can be combined with mule deer or aoudad sheep. Our outfitters have long-standing track records of putting our hunters on great elk. With so many options, contact us, and we will help you pick the perfect hunt for trophy elk in New Mexico.


Montana Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Our Montana elk hunts take place in both western and central Montana. General tags are guaranteed if you apply through an outfitter, making hunting Montana every year possible. Our western Montana hunts take place near Yellowstone National Park. Hunting off horseback will put you in some of the most beautiful terrains in the lower 48. Most elk are 5×5 type bulls, but we do take some nice 300 plus inch 6×6 every year. In central Montana, we hunt some large private ranches where the average trophy bull can run 250-320 class. These hunts are less physical and are suitable for any hunter. We also have a few special private ranches that produce 6×6 bulls in the 300-340 class and sometimes larger. Archery hunts occur in September and October, and rifle hunts in October and November. Our outfitters have a long-standing track record of producing high shot opportunities for hunters.  


Oregon Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters and Hunts

Oregon may be off your radar if you are a serious Rocky Mountain elk hunter, but it shouldn’t be. In Northeast Oregon, we have access to several large private ranches that have elk numbers, which are often hard to believe. It is common to see 150-300 elk at a time on these properties! With so many eyes and relatively open terrain, this can pose a challenge to get close, but these hunts are some of the most successful you will find anywhere. Archery hunts in September take place with easy-to-draw tags – usually the first year you apply. Rifle hunts can take 3-6 points to draw, but we have access to LOP (landowner) tags if you don’t have points. From our experiences, you will see many 6×6 bulls on these hunts. Most bulls will be in the 260-330 class, but we have harvested elk in the 370+ class on these hunts. Spots book up in advance on these properties, so contact us today to discuss options in Oregon for your trophy elk hunt. 


Wyoming Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Wyoming has some great elk and is a must-apply state yearly for points. If you have Wyoming points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy elk hunt in Wyoming. We have great hunts that you can draw with as few as 2 points to over 12 points. We hunt all corners of the state and all weapons – from archery to crossbow to rifle. Horseback in the wilderness to easier ranch hunting, we have it. Most of the bulls will be 6×6 bulls, and we take some nice 350+ inch bulls in Wyoming every year.  


Utah Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters and Hunts

We work with several outfitters in Utah and hunt a selective mix of public and private land. We have access to CWMU tags on some great ranches and can also help you with a draw strategy or recommend an outfitter if you have drawn a premium tag. Most of the bulls will be 6×6 bulls, and we take some nice 370+ inch bulls in Utah every year. Hunting terrain can vary from more accessible to more strenuous, and accommodations can range from wall tents to hotels to excellent lodges, so we have something for everyone in Utah. Our outfitters have been in business for years and have a proven track record of putting hunters on big trophy elk.


Idaho Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Northern Idaho has some rugged country that can produce some exceptional elk. We offer both backcountry trophy elk hunts as well as some private ranch hunts. Usually, these hunts take place using outfitter guaranteed tags and book out several years in advance. Plan to be in great shape for the backcountry hunts – we target large herd bulls on these physical hunts. The private ranch hunts are less physical. Both archery and rifle hunts are available, targeting 300 to 370+ inch bulls.


Texas Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters and Hunts

Texas is a hunters’ paradise. Elk are considered an exotic species in Texas, and you can hunt them year-round. We have several large free-range, fair chase ranches that have resident elk. Trophy quality can vary based on rainfall each year, but these ranches commonly produce 280-370 class elk. And you can hunt with your weapon of choice, so using a rifle during the rut, usually in October, is possible. Combining these hunts with other species such as aoudad sheep, hogs, exotics, or mule deer is possible. You can access the properties by truck, side by side, or on foot, and the terrain can vary from rolling flat ground to more mountainous.  


Arizona Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

Arizona produces some of the best elk in North America – top units produce monster 400-plus-inch elk every year. We work with a handful of the top outfitters in the state who are highly familiar with and hunt most areas of the state. So if you have Arizona points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy elk hunt in Arizona.  


Nevada Rocky Mountain Elk Outfitters and Hunts 

Nevada is known for producing some of the best elk in North America – top units produce monster 400-plus-inch elk every year. We work with a handful of the top outfitters in the state who are highly familiar with and hunt most areas of the state. So if you have Nevada points, want to start building points, or have drawn a premium tag, contact us, and we can help get you on a trophy elk hunt in Nevada.  


British Columbia Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts and Outfitters

British Columbia has some of the finest multiple-species hunting in North America. Our Southern British Columbia elk hunts are wilderness hunts done off horseback using spike camps. A 6-point regulation means you will take 6×6 elk in the 280-330 class using archery or rifle equipment in September and October. To make it a mixed bag, you can add mountain goat, whitetail or mule deer, black bear, and wolf to these hunts.


Cow Elk Hunts

We also offer several cow elk hunts throughout the west. Northeast Oregon has an over-the-counter tag hunt, and we hunt several private ranches from August through November. Colorado has some great cow elk opportunities. You must apply for these tags by the April deadline, but they are easy to draw. We also offer hunts in Utah, Texas, and even the panhandle of Oklahoma for free-range elk with guaranteed tags. From time to time, we have other cow elk opportunities come up with our network of outfitters. So contact us if you want a fun hunt with friends or family to fill the freezer! Seasons can run anywhere from August 1 through February, and these hunts typically have a very high shot opportunity.


High Fence Elk Hunts

Are you looking for a guaranteed hunt for an elk? We work with a handful of outfitters who offer high fence elk hunts in various habitats. Often these hunts are very challenging and are never over feeding stations – you will do some hiking and work for your elk. We offer these hunts in South Dakota, Texas, Saskatchewan, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. Accommodations are generally very comfortable, and elk can range from 5×5 bulls to animals over 500 inches.

We are constantly in the field seeking additional great outfitters and world-class trophy Rocky Mountain elk hunts. So if you are looking for an excellent Rocky Mountain elk hunt and outfitter, please contact us so we can start putting together the perfect Rocky Mountain elk hunt for you. 

Want to learn more about a hunt or just have some questions? Please contact us.  We would love to hear from you! 

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