Moose Hunts

North American Trophy Class Moose Hunts and Outfitters

Are you looking for that moose hunt of a lifetime? At Infinity Hunts, we specialize in helping you find the type of hunt and experience you want. Through our extensive research and boots-on-the-ground approach, we work with the best moose guides and outfitters in North America’s top areas. Throughout your entire adventure, we will be there for you – from choosing the perfect hunt with the right outfitter to personal support before, during, and after the hunt. So let us put our experience and proven outfitters to work for you on your moose hunting adventures!

For many, hunting moose is a lifelong bucket list dream. We would love to help your moose hunting dreams come true. Many hunters think about Alaska when they think of moose hunting – the Alaska-Yukon moose lives there – but there are also two other types of moose you can hunt – the Canadian moose and the Shiras moose. You must harvest all three to get your moose slam or achieve the North American 29. We specialize in putting our hunters on trophy hunts for all species of North American moose. We focus on areas and outfitters that produce trophy-class moose and constantly seek the best opportunities for our hunters. 

Alaska-Yukon Moose Outfitters and Hunts

The Alaska-Yukon moose is the largest species of moose in North America. It is found primarily in Alaska and the Yukon Territories. Alaska dominates the record book for trophy class bulls which commonly have 50-65 inch spreads, and we take giant 70-plus inch bruiser bulls every year. So if you are looking for a monster moose, you must plan to hunt the Alaska-Yukon moose. To learn more about our trophy-class Alaska-Yukon moose hunts, click here.    

Canadian Moose Hunts and Outfitters

The Canadian moose is the second largest moose species in North America and generally the most affordable to hunt. They range across Canada from Newfoundland in the east to British Columbia in the west and a few northeastern US states. Moose in eastern Canada typically have 30-45 inch spreads, while moose in western Canada can have antler widths of 45-55 inches and some larger. To learn more about our trophy-class Canadian moose hunts, click here.  

Shiras Moose Outfitters and Hunts

Shiras moose are generally considered the smallest in body weight and antler spreads of the North American moose. Found in parts of several western US states and southeast British Columbia and southwest Alberta in Canada, bulls will have antler widths from 35-50 inches. Tags are difficult to draw in the lower 48, but some auction and landowner tags are available. In Canada, outfitters have tags, so it’s often easier to plan a hunt there rather than trying to draw a tag in the US. To learn more about our trophy-class Shiras moose hunts, click here.