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Hunt Report – John M. South Dakota Bison

Post Date: October 11, 2022


I’ve been privileged to hunt all over the world, but several North American species remained on my bucket list, including the American bison. I was fortunate to meet Mike Schubach, who arranged an incredible Buffalo hunt in South Dakota.

The actual hunt required a lot of patience and glassing, eventually leading me to a big ol’ bull which obviously had seen his share of battles. Although the area was very open, Bubba chose to graze in a clump of trees, protecting his right shoulder for what appeared to be an eternity! He finally pulled out and piled up as he was quartering away from me, courtesy of my trusty Weatherby 300!

The outfitter and his staff were fantastic, the accommodations were excellent, and I would certainly recommend Mike in facilitating my next hunt.

John M – Hunter from New Jersey